Domestic Market

Soft Cheeses

Noal Creamy Cheese -  Noal Creamy Cheese Makis

Noal Por Salut Cheese – Noal Magro (Fatless) Cheese

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Semi-hard Cheeses

Noal Danbo Cheese - Tybo Cheese - Makis Danbo Cheese - Noal Gouda Cheese

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Stretched-Curd Cheeses

Noal Mozzarella Cheese - Makis Mozzarella Cheese

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Hard Cheeses

Noal Reggianito Cheese (Painted and Non-Painted) - Reggianito Cheese in Halves (Painted)

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Milk Powder

Whole Milk x 25 kg - Skim Milk x 25 kg - Whole Milk Pouch x 800 and 400 g - Skim Milk Pouch x 400 and 800 g

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100 g / 200 g Butter and 5Kg Sticks

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