Our commitment to ensure the quality of our products encourages us to keep a continuous improvement of our processes. From our beginnings, we have implemented those systems that guarantee the achievement of this goal, according to the system of IRAM standards and the ISO 9001 certification, that provide our company an efficient model of Quality Management. Having this guarantee means to proceed in all our tasks in an orderly, systemic and controlled way, and for that purpose we have set the following framework of reference:

- To Make cheeses and milk powder that are known for their quality standard, based on our customers’ expectations and demands. 

- To Reinforce our commitment to export high quality products, that fit the main world markets.

- To Produce using appropriate technology and state-of-the-art equipment that overcome any audit and guarantee the manufacture of safe products.

- To Promote a proactive and committed attitude towards quality on each member of the company and provide a safe working environment with ongoing training and lifelong learning.

- To Reduce the environmental impact that our activity could cause by using good practices and efficient methods for wastewater treatment.

- To Listen to our customers and consumers’ comments and suggestions with commitment and a receptive attitude, simplifying processes and providing relevant answers (Picture). For our company, the corporate commitment is stated in the following concept: “quality is the total satisfaction of our customers’ demands.”

Food Safety

We have implemented important food safety programs in our industrial plants according to the HACCP model (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), which is globally accepted to provide peace of mind to consumers with the assurance that they are buying healthy and reliable products.