Our Company honours its commitment and responsibility to the productive processes, with precise and efficient strategies in a highly competitive environment.

This allows us to strengthen our own identity within the dairy business. Located in the dairy area of Villa María (Córdoba), our industrial plant covers 16,300 m2, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and certified processes with the highest standards of quality and food safety. 

 We came to the market with a wide range of products, processing more than 350 million liters of milk a year, with an installed capacity of 1,200,000 liters a day. 

 Our healthy and reliable dairy products are sold throughout the country and are exported to more than 40 countries with a growing demand. We are committed to a sustainable and ecological productive development, that is environmentally friendly, through a modern bioprocess of activated sludge for the excess waste that guarantees the environment protection. 

 Our slogan, “Dairy Excellence”, is not a simple phrase. It represents what we are, it is an expression that encloses the spirit that motivates us every day.


1994 | Noal S.A. is founded in the city of Villla María, with the commitment to manufacture a wide range of products using modern technology so as to be highly competitive in the domestic as well as in the foreign markets. All this allows the company to achieve a successful commercial evolution. 

1995 | Noal S.A. carries out its first exports. The destination is Paraguay. 

1996 | After making important investments, the company manages to double its productive capacity. 

1997 | Noal S.A.’s products get into the demanding Chilean and Mexican markets. 

1998 | In November 1998, the Company receives the “Small Company with the Largest Exported Volume Award,” granted by the Government of the Province of Córdoba. This award reinforces that our commitment to quality is the company’s leitmotif. 

1999 | In December 1999, Noal S.A. gets the ISO 9001:1994 Certificate for its Quality Management System in the fields of design, development, production, marketing, and after-sales service of hard, semi-hard, soft and fresh cheeses. Thus, the company becomes the first dairy SME (PyME for its acronym in Spanish) in Argentina to certify all its cheese line. 

2000 | New investments allow the company to enlarge the productive capacity of the industrial plant once again. 

2001 | The new enlargements allow the company to reach an installed capacity of 400,000 liters per day, on an 1,800 m2 surface area. At the end of this year, the company begins to export to the exclusive markets of the USA and Canada. 

2002 | After several successful audits for the international business, Noal S.A. is able to export to different destinations. One of the most demanding audits is the one carried out by the Agricultural and Livestock Service of Chile. 

2003 | Noal S.A. certifies its Quality Management System according to the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2000. 

2005 | After an outstanding year, Noal S.A. receives the “Exported Volume Award”, granted by the Chamber of Foreign Trade of Córdoba and the Government of the Province of Córdoba. 

2006 | The Company begins the modernization of the concentrated whey and milk receiving lines. The facilities and production lines are updated in order to get the HACCP certification. A new packaging line with state-of-the-art technology is installed. In October 2006, the company receives the “Argentine Export Award” granted by the Ministry of Economy and Production and sponsored by Coface and Prensa Económica. In November, the company is granted the “Export Award” by A.E.R.C.A., and in December it is awarded the “Export-Ar 2006 Award” in the “Consolidation in International Markets” category. 

2007 | The molding line for semi-hard and hard cheeses is automated and new technology is added to the process of whey concentration. All the works that started in 2006 – the modernization of the receiving line, the enlargements and the general conditioning of the plant- are completed. 

2008 | Important businesses to export AMF (Anhydrous Milkfat) and butter for industrial use are carried out. In December 2008, Noal S.A. is given the “ExportAr Award” in the “New Market Opening” category. 

2009 | The Company gets the so-longed ISO 9001:2008 certificate for its Quality Management System. A bactofuge is incorporated to the productive process in order to carry out the initial treatment of milk. 

2010 | An ambitious plan of improvements is designed in order to double the storage capacity for hard cheeses, to install an automated line for molding soft cheeses, to install a mozzarella manufacturing line, and to build a compact plant for the factory’s wastewater treatment. 

2011 | The wastewater treatment plant is opened. In October 2011, Noal S.A. sets up its activated sludge treatment plant, an aerobic fermentation plant for wastewater treatment. It is an advanced technology investment that apart from complying with the current environmental regulations, it offers the required treatment of wastewaters in a minimum piece of land, which is an advantage over the traditional industrial lagoon systems. 

2012 | The new Mozzarella production line is installed, with a processing capacity of 2,300 kg/h. This allows a monthly 675-ton production and a 2,000 export volume of this product. Modern 2,262 m3 ripening chambers for hard cheese are set up, having a storage capacity of 508 pallets; another 2,730 m3 chamber with a capacity of 704 pallets is set up for finished products. Four additional chambers are planned for the following years. Production capacity is expanded and an ALPMA automated molding line for soft cheese is installed, with a capacity of 2,500 kg/h. The installation of six new double-circle (“double-O”) vats with flat bottom and a capacity of 12,500 liters each is planned. The building of a modern drying plant for various types of powdered milk and whey starts this year. 

2014 | In May 2014, the Safety Management Process for processed products is accomplished. The official recognition for the HACCP program is achieved for all types of cheeses, which ensures the production and marketing of healthy and reliable products, manufactured under processes of global validation. The Drying Plant starts its full operation with an installed capacity of 50 tons per product/day, and the production of whole milk powder, whole vitaminized milk powder, instant whole vitaminized milk powder, skim milk powder and partially demineralized whey powder (40%). Besides, the plant enlargement is expected for the production of formula milk powder and demineralized whey powder (90%). This fully automated plant features equipment for thermal and electric energy optimization that operates under international quality and process standards. 

2016 | The HACCP system is validated for the whole line produced in the Drying plant, and this extends the safety assurance for all the products manufactured by Noal S.A.