Milk Powder Plant

Noal S.A. has a modern industrial drying plant which began construction in 2012. It started operating in December 2014 having reached its full operational capacity and now has a production capacity of 50 tons per day The plant is totally equipped with the latest technology and equipment provided by GEA-Niro. 

Our production line enables us to produce: 
-    whole milk powder 
-    fortified whole milk powder 
-    instant fortified whole milk powder 
-    skimmed milk powder 
-    partially demineralized whey powder at 40% 
-    other formulations according to customer requirements 

The design and building of the plant have been thought towards the future production of infant formula. 

It has two packaging lines: one for small 200 to 1,000 g multi laminated stand-up pouches, for household consumption; and another line for 25 kg polyethylene high barrier bags with kraft paper exterior, for industrial use.

It also features a dense phase conveying system and a gas flushing system with inert atmosphere, which ensure the quality of our products along their shelf life. 

The technologically advanced equipment and automated operation of the plant allow for the whole process to be controlled by only two operators, each from their operating cabins. 

Furthermore, the plant has equipment designed for optimizing energy resources, both thermal energy (through multiple heat recovery devices) and electrical energy (for which all the plant has the latest spotlights with LED technology). 

These advanced-design features and our installed state-of-the-art automation system ensure the highest quality, guarantee the traceability of the product (which meets the requirements of the most demanding international markets) and provide versatility for the development of special products made from powdered milk.