Productive Capacity

We have an Installed Productive Capacity to process 1,200,000 liters a day. 

Our industrial plant in Villa María, in the heart of one of the most important dairy areas in South America, allows us to get high quality raw material in a radius of 200 km. 

Our milk producing farms are selected on the basis of quality performance and are technically advised in order to get high quality raw material. 

The daily collection of milk production is transported in modern equipped tanks by specially trained personnel. 

All quality and composition controls of raw material are carried out by our lab technicians and the results are immediately reported to our milk producers. 

This guarantees and provides a fair payment system for quality, based on the composition of solids and the sanitary conditions of the raw material. 

We have developed an industrial, commercial and technological expansion program in order to support the productive development of our milk producing farms. 

This allows us to promote the arrival of new milking farms, supporting the constant year-over-year increase of purchased and processed milk volumes, thus encouraging the continuous improvement of our company.